limiting beliefs Mar 11, 2021
I am perplexed by glass.
I can't explain it, I mean, how glass works that you can see through it.
I know you can see through it. I know if you shape it properly, glass corrects our sight. I even understand electricity doesn't conduct and heat has a hard time transferring through glass.
I can't explain WHY glass works.
Why can we see through glass? It is solid, made up of atoms, put between my eyes and the sky, and yet it acts as though it isn't there!
Wood, bricks, concrete make sense. When it is in front of you, you see them. But not glass. Water is a little questionable too... 
Most of the time, I need to accept that I don't understand, put on my glasses and live my day with corrected sight. The glasses disappear as I look through them, and then the question becomes out of sight, out of mind.
But today, it happened again. I looked at the glasses, and I couldn't grasp why some matter is transparent while others are not.
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