Top 3 books for 2018

harveyreads leadership Apr 24, 2018
I guess it is time to admit I might have a problem. I may be taking bibliophile (person who reads a lot) to biblio’hollic (someone who reads a lot, a lot). Since the year has started I have found the time to read or listen to 19 books and one of those I have gone through twice already. In fact I have taken up so much time reading books that I have had no time to write their reviews. So, here is a quick review of the three books I keep recommending to people in the last three months. Each one of them is a life changer and will be included in my Vade Mecum (books I refer to often) 

Crucial Conversations by Patterson • Grenny • McMillan • Switzler - 

Everyone finds themselves in crucial conversations at some time in their life. Most of us are in them weekly. Critical Conversations happen when emotions are strong, the stakes are high or views are opposing and the tension rises. If handled improperly these discussions become potential...
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