Pump Tracks & Big Slides

character courage Mar 07, 2021

was scared. And I wasn't the one going over the edge.  

Our town is now the proud owner of North America's largest public pump track. A pump track is a bike/scooter/skateboard track allowing the rider to move through the track by shifting their weight up and down to create momentum. It looks like you are pumping while biking.  

It is a lot of fun, and every day there are a hundred kids, teenagers and dads doing laps.  

There are two tracks, beginner and advanced.  

That first day three of our kids were on bikes, and one had a scooter.  

Alina, on the scooter, started the day so uncertain of how to do anything. But with practice, she figured it out. Pushing more than pumping, Alina made it around the track many times.  


And then came the moment. "I want to try the other track."  

My first instinct was to say, "keep working on that technique, and then in a week, we can try to advanced track." I didn't want her to fail.  


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Brave Leadership

courage leadership Nov 26, 2019
”Here is an important truth for you to make your own in this arena. Second to expressing kindness and care for their team, leaders are most admired for their courage.” - Stephen Mansfield Read More
Courage. It is the distinguishing factor of those who are willing to step up, speak out and take some hits for what they believe. 
I would never encourage people to take on silly arguments over petty issues, but some things are worth fighting for. 
Take a look at the landscape of your life - where are the friction points? What relationships cause stormy thoughts as soon as your mind drifts to them? What passion are you sure you should pursue but you keep talking yourself out of? What conversation are you avoiding? I would suggest that maybe what you don’t need is more time to figure it out, most likely what you need is the courage to tackle it. 
Friend, I know. I overthink EVERY LITTLE THING: “If I say this...this...
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