Why I am not crushing my goals in 2020

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2020

When did reaching our goals become a full contact sport? Who said it needed to be so intense?

Maybe it was this lady?

Or maybe it was the motivational speakers who got their listeners to do a “fire-walk” in the frenzy of trying to prove to themselves and others that THEY CAN DO IT!I am just going to go out on a limb here and say that we as a whole are not, in fact, crushing our goals. I am not sure we are even blowing on them.

Do you get a little weary of the conversation in January? I do. It’s like our whole society finishes chewing on their last bite of Holiday cheesecake, takes a look in the mirror and says, “something has got to change.”


The best part is, we all do it. Then, we admonish ourselves or shame ourselves into a new activity with the hope that it will be different this time.

This has been a big year for me. After 23ish years of doing something that I love, I started feeling unsettled, like it was time for a change. This change...

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New Beginnings

discipleship leadership Jan 21, 2020

January 20, 2020

This is a new day for our family.

We announced yesterday that this will be our last year leading Launch, the young adult leadership program at our church. 

Here is the announcement we read in those services:

"This is a big day for us.

If you don’t know us, we are Shawn and Keri Harvey, we serve here as pastors and elders.

 Shawn asked if I would share and represent both of us to maximize our time. He and I have been step for step in this journey and I am so grateful for him.

When I was 23, God put a deep burden on my heart to disciple and equip young adults. My life had been transformed in a program called Master’s Commission in Spokane, Washington. The mandate was from Malachi 4:5 “His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers.”

The focus then was on joining the generations, where the young and old would join forces, marrying the zeal of the young to the wisdom of the...

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Brave Leadership

courage leadership Nov 26, 2019
”Here is an important truth for you to make your own in this arena. Second to expressing kindness and care for their team, leaders are most admired for their courage.” - Stephen Mansfield Read More
Courage. It is the distinguishing factor of those who are willing to step up, speak out and take some hits for what they believe. 
I would never encourage people to take on silly arguments over petty issues, but some things are worth fighting for. 
Take a look at the landscape of your life - where are the friction points? What relationships cause stormy thoughts as soon as your mind drifts to them? What passion are you sure you should pursue but you keep talking yourself out of? What conversation are you avoiding? I would suggest that maybe what you don’t need is more time to figure it out, most likely what you need is the courage to tackle it. 
Friend, I know. I overthink EVERY LITTLE THING: “If I say this...this...
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Summer is a Great Time to Reclaim Your Family's Culture

School is out...the sun is shining....the kids are fighting...

Wait! Hey kids, you are messing with my idea of our big, happy family. 

Anyone else? 

Our kids are (9,8, and 7 year old twins) have just finished a whole year of school. For our twins, this was their first year of full-time school since they attended part-time kindergarten. This means for the past 9 months, they have spent the majority of the week around other kids and teachers. This is good for the most part (especially the teacher's influence - thank you very much!) but re-entry into 100% family time can be brutal. 

They aren't used to each other. We as parents are not up to date on this new version of them. In the past 9 months they have learned so much academically but even more, they have learned some new behaviours. Some, I am a fan of like, they have learned how to be patient and adapt to other peoples ways of doing things. Some, I am not a fan of like they picked up some annoying new phrases...

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Gospel Centered Discipleship

character discipleship Jun 15, 2019

Since 1998 Keri, has been involved with forming a culture of Gospel Centred Discipleship within our local church. 

Gospel Centred Discipleship is about being a community that loves people, living transparent lives and showing others how to walk out a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.
We have close to 300 graduates - Servant leaders with a love for Christ and others. Not perfect, but in process. They are Workers, Supervisors, Students, husbands and wives, Moms and Dads - but most of all servants in whichever community that they find themselves in.  
Any of those grads could tell you that storms have come to their lives, financial trouble, relational issues or faith struggles, some before joining us, some during, but most came after their time with us. 
Let's face it who hasn't seen storms in their lives? Jesus even promises that we will have storms.   
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Win•some: 5 ways to restore the art of social graces to a distant society

character Jan 29, 2019
I am sure that you, like me have seen or even participated in the complete ignoring of another human being. Or even more insidiously, we have participated in the dismissal and devaluing of another person because they did not treat us the way we wanted to be treated. Maybe they did not or give you satisfactory answers or solutions, maybe you were busy answering a call, finding directions or handling your kids' bad attitude and you ordered, paid for, and picked up a coffee or lunch without even acknowledging that there was a human on the other side of that counter. 
If you have ever worked in customer service, you know exactly what I am talking about. It seems like the worst of human nature arrives when someone is getting paid to serve the customer who is of course, always right. 
I worked in customer service positions for years and I came to realize that most of the time I, the person behind the counter, was really just standing as a substitute...
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Do It Scared

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019
My whole life I thought that people who did big things like competing in the Olympics, becoming a world famous anything, or people who spoke in front of huge crowds had something that the rest of us didn't. Maybe like pixie dust, or an extra dose of courage that was distributed sparingly to those "bright stars" that can serve as a guide for the rest of us mere mortals. 
I see now that all these achievers have one thing in common: they learned to do it scared. 
They took the next step out of their comfort zone and entered the next space until that new place became their comfort zone and just when they were tempted to put their slippers on and settle in, they stepped out of that place and took on the next thing. 
Do you watch people? I do. 
Here is a little insight about me: I rarely cry because I am sad or frustrated, but I will WEEP LIKE AN INFANT at the sight of raw courage or perseverance in the face of impossibilities. 
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Finding Joy When Life is Complicated

character Jan 14, 2019
Do you ever feel like your life is an 18 wheel truck that is dragging you behind it?
Just me? 
I started out this fall with a plan to crank up my Monday blog posts again as well as posting more cute and funny video that would keep the internet on the edge of its seat. Instead, grocery shopping, meal planning, event planning, field trips and stress in general robbed me not only of that creative output, but also my joy. 
It reminds me of a life-defining conversation with my mom when I was in my mid twenties. She noticed that my conversations had turned negative and whiny. As I talked, it sounded like everything was wrong with everything; people were annoying, situations seemed impossible and I was not up to deal with it all. In the middle of that rotten headspace, she said these very important words: "Keri, you have always been my daughter of joy.  You need to guard it with your life. Joy is necessary, it is what you bring to those...
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The Not So With You Leader

Our church is in a historic week. We are celebrating our lead pastors retirement and the transition of the church to the new lead pastors.
This has me thinking about leadership for sure, but I must have this topic on my mind in general because I posted last week about leadership too, you can read it here.
This week I want to talk about what I call the "not so with you" leader: 
Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave— just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” - Matthew 20:25-28
I have thought long and hard about this verse. If there was one, defining mandate about leadership, I...
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Finish. Lessons in Leadership.

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2018
What is a leader?
What is a good leader? 
What qualities do you admire in a leader? 
What kind of a leader do you want to be? 
I recently had the opportunity to speak to a room full of young leaders. These are the questions I asked them. All those beautiful young leaders, at the starting line of a long race. 
If you have been in leadership for any length of time, you know the passion I felt that day. What could I say to encourage them? How could I challenge them to make good choices so they don’t hurt themselves or the ones they love and lead? 
At this stage of my life, training the next generation is increasingly the most valuable way I can spend my time. 
I thought it would be good to take the essence of what I said there and bring it here, to my blog. So, here goes...
If you know me at all, you know that this last summer I rode a 50k bike race. This would not be a big deal to...
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