Mudslide Mom

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! All systems are malfunctioning...she is going down folks. 
I was doing allright. I was keeping up, as much as I keep up. We were still handing in assignments, remembering field trips, showing up to school and work on time. Until May. 
The mudslide started one day when Alina said casually "We went to the Blue Herron Reserve today". "You did??" said my guilt laden mom self,  "Like a field trip? Did I know about this? Were you supposed to wear play clothes? Were you the only one wearing your uniform???"
Yes, yes and yes. 
All of the above. Then I see pictures from other parents who accompanied their children on this field trip that had completely escaped all my planning mechanisms, and sure enough, there was my sweet second daughter adorned in her uniform, no jacket, no mom beside her looking lovely and filthy in her school uniform. 
Sooooo, I am not winning at this game. 
Today I sat and wrote in all of the events for the next two weeks, talent shows, kindergarten graduation, waterslides and the trampoline park, just to get us started. We are also having our biggest two weeks of the year for the program that we lead in our spare time. 
I think I am going to need oxygen and a direct infusion of caffeine. 
You are all busy, I know. We all pass each other in the hallways like "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LIFE??". The kids are crying at the smallest things, I am waking up at 4:30 most mornings with my brain rushing trying to make sure I remember all of it. 
Thank goodness for gracious teachers who smile and nod and totally understand that some of us are really not cut out for all of this. 
I am good at the snuggling and gushing over how cute my kids are part. I am not so good at the return their planners and notebooks, fill out the reading charts, return their library books and get them to school on time every day part. 
Two very full weeks from today I will be floating my pool in the backyard having all of the crazy days behind me and all of summer stretching out in front of me. 
I can hardly wait. 
I live for summer. 
I love splashing in the pool. I love camping with the kids. I love the long, hot days listening to them fight. 
The fighting is not great, but being together is. I really love this little tribe that we live with. I can't wait to get caught up on all the changes that have happened while they were going to school for 8 hours a day. When I was with them all the time, back when they were babies, I got to see all the big changes the moment they happened. Now that they are gone for so much of the day, I miss some of those big moments. 
Summer is our time. 
I was talking to a mom yesterday. Her kids are all grown and out of the house. When she asked how old all of our kids were a beautiful smile spread across her face. "Those are the golden years. They still adore you, listen to you and want to be around you". 
Those are the important things to remember as these days rush by. I love that Samuel still crawls into bed with us at 4 AM to warm up because he has kicked his blankets off. Isaac loves it when I sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to him every night. The girls and I love special girl dates and I am their chosen friend (I also have the car and the money, but that is beside the point). These are the golden years and I can't get enough of them. 
The days are flying. Today we sent our boys to "100 day" they got to dress like old men. Although they are not technically old, our babies will finish kindergarten next week and I want to soak up every crazy moment of it. 
I may feel like a mudslide mom, like everything is slipping out from under me, but I am grateful and that has to count for something. 
18 summers. That is what we get, at best. I hope yours will be filled with awesome memories with family and friends. 
Hang in there everyone, the sunny days are coming!  

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